Project #HOPE started sometime in the first half of year 2018 (link to: day one) and  the initial idea of this project was to help a small group of valuable content creators and curators from Venezuela to find ways of supporting themselves financially. Founder @crypto.piotr wrote at that time:


"Instead of supporting you with $$$ I would like to try to help you secure some online job position (I have some contacts I could try to use) as a social media marketer or an author within the crypto industry. I would slowly pass some of my knowledge onto you and help you grow your follower base. You in return would continue supporting my own efforts of building a community on steemit.


I would support you financially, mostly to ensure that you can invest more time to progress with your own work on Steemit and you wouldn't have to work much as a cab driver / any other dangerous jobs.


This could potentially give you all more hope that your future will be brighter."


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We believe, that the definition of the word "influencer" in the current digital age doesn't need much introduction. Social media platforms are evolving and platforms similar to SteemPeak are proving that "attention economy" is another big thing. Those who can succesfully build their well targeted follower-base, build community around them and create engagement with their audience are going to do well within the social media industry.


We also believe that a strong community of influencers working closely together can achieve so much more than individuals working on their own.


We also realized, that most content creators struggle with lack of visibility. Simply because the quality of content is not enough any longer nowdays to attract traffic to our publications. Saying "content is king" is not valid any more.


Our goal is to support the growth of collaborating with content creators. To support growth of our strong community. And we're planning to do that by organizing "project hope" media channels (telegram, discord groups, twitter, facebook, linkedin etc) where we share our publications related to all previously mentioned topics. This allows all participating authors to enjoy greater visibility, increased traffic and in result: more valuable comments and potentially larger rewards (coming from upvotes).


It also gives us all sense of belonging. Which matters for many.






Within those few months, our project grew bigger and evolved greately. Right now our small initial team are collaborating with several quality content creators and together, we're building a strong community of like-minded people. Bloggers, influencers and users who are simply passionate about the tech industry.


And we're still growing.


Those 4 Venezuelans (@juanmolina , @fucho80, @lanzjoseg, @jadams2k18) have been with us from the start and they are currently considered the core of our community.





We're progressing steadily and we're currently explanding.


So if you're one of those authors on Steemit/Steempeak platform, who like to post about topics on tech and you struggle with lack of visibility and engagement ... then contact us and reach out to us.


We will see what can we do to  help.Who are we looking for?

  • authors passionate about the world of technology and economy
  • people who understand the concept of team-work and building a community as a group
  • those who are responsive, always engaging back with their audience and replying to received comments





Currently, we are a group of people who share a similar passion towards blocklchain technology (with STEEM blockchain in particular). We also share similar interests towards topics related to robotics, artificial intelligence, VR, crypto, economy, human psychology etc.


What we have in common? We're all present on the Steemit or SteemPeak (blogging social media platforms build on decentralized blockchain) and that's where we publish our work. That's also where we all know each other from.